Maintenance Management School

Maintenance Management School (MMS)

November 6-10, 2023
UCLA Lake Arrowhead, CA
Hosted by CPRS HQ and MMS Regents

Every year, 150+ park and recreation professionals, representing over 60 public agencies, arrive in stunning Lake Arrowhead to participate in this five-year program. The school teaches a systematic approach for determining the resources needed to maintain a public facility, with lifelong professionals providing knowledge and opportunities not available anywhere else. Whether it's your 1st Year attending, 2nd Year learning with us or you are ready for Grad Year, there is space for you at MMS 2022.

If you would like more information about MMS, please connect with CPRS HQ at 916.665.2777 

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MMS 1st Year

Open to anyone interested in learning how to develop a comprehensive Maintenance Management Plan.  

What will you learn?
How a Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) can improve your agency, your team, and the work you do, all while leading to both professional and personal growth.   You'll walk away with actionable tools to create a customized MMP, as well as resources on how to best manage the resources you are responsible for while understanding the fiscal impact of the work you do.

Limited to 75 students.

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MMS 2nd Year

Open to those who have completed the MMS 1st year curriculum. 

What will you learn?
MMS 2nd year focuses on the 'politics' of being a supervisor and the importance of succession planning.  You'll hone your skills in how to advocate for your program needs, using data gathered through your MMP.  Work on budget development helps round out your potential career advancement opportunities taught through this curriculum.

Limited to 45 students.

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MMS Grad Year

Students must have completed both 1st and 2nd year curriculums to be eligible to attend MMS Grad Year.  

What will you learn?
Our Grad Year forum focuses on leadership development and requires personal investment.  Think 'Executive Coaching'... if you are ready to take your career to a new level, this is the forum for you.

Note that our Grad Year is actually THREE years of learning:
Year 1:  Personal Career Development
Year 2:  Planning Forward
Year 3:  To Lead or Not to Lead

Limited to 25 students.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of the school brings direct exposure to 150 park and recreation professionals representing more than 50 public agencies in the Southwestern United States. As decision-makers and employees who influence the final decision-makers, these individuals are continually looking for new and better means and methods to maintain parks and facilities.

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MMS School Sponsor: $2,000

  • Only 1 available
  • Logo placement on MMS webpage
  • Logo banner hung in a prominent location during MMS
  • Recognition during MMS Welcome on Monday, Nov. 6th
  • Opportunity to provide a logoed amenity for all attendees
  • Sponsor & Product Showcase AND Vendor Fair Included! 

MMS Event Sponsor: $1,500

  • Only 2 available
  • Choose between Softball Game on Wednesday or School Social on Thursday
  • Logo banner hung in a prominent location during sponsored event
  • Opportunity to participate in sponsored event 
  • Sponsor & Product Showcase AND Vendor Fair Included! 

      MMS Year Sponsor: $1,200

      • Only 3 available 
      • Choose between 1st Year, 2nd Year or Grad Forum for specialized recognitions 
      • Logo banner hung in sponsored Year classroom 
          • Sponsor & Product Showcase AND Vendor Fair Included!

            Product Showcase and Vendor Fair: $1,000

            • 3 minutes to give a solution-oriented overview of your products or services 
            • Display table at the Vendor Fair
            • Recognition on Sponsor/Vendor Fair banner(s)
            • One (1) ticket to enjoy lunch with our school attendees (additional tickets may be purchased)

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