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CPRS offers numerous opportunities aimed at specialties within our diverse profession.  Members can expand their professional network, attend trainings, and have access to relevant resources by joining any section associated with their job function or areas of interest!

Members may join as many sections as they wish!

Your Primary Section choice will likely be guided by the section you most identify with on a day-to-day basis. You may join 1 (one) Primary Section at an annual fee of $5.  This section fee goes directly to the section to support section training and educational events, networking events, scholarship and administrative fees.  You have full voting rights and are eligible to run for leadership positions in your Primary Section. 

Joining additional sections is encouraged!  A $15 per section annual fee will be added to your membership. Please connect with the leaders of the section(s) you may be interested in to learn more about leadership positions and voting rights within an additional section. 


Here's a bit more about each section and their purpose.  Feel free to connect with a Section President or CPRS HQ with any questions!

If you are unsure of your Section, please call Beatriz at CPRS, 916-665-2777. If you are already a Member & Want to Add a New or Additional Section, Click Here to Join or add a Section online.

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Administrators Section:

The purpose of the Section is to assist in developing, educating, mentoring and advancing the administrative personnel of recreation, parks, and community services.

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Aging Services Activities Section:

The purpose of the Section is to empower, support, and develop professionals that provide services and activities to the older adult; to provide educational opportunities to aging services personnel; to disseminate information affecting the aging services professional; to create a culture that speaks to and addresses the diverse needs of the aging services professional; and to engage in state and federal advocacy efforts that support and enhance the aging services profession.

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Aquatics Section:

The purpose of the Section is to unite aquatic professionals and others concerned with any aspect of California’s diverse aquatic environments; to provide educational opportunities to aquatic professionals; to disseminate information affecting aquatic professionals in California; to provide a forum to meet their varying needs; and to engage in state and federal advocacy efforts that support and enhance the aquatic profession and safety of aquatic activities.

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Development & Operations Section:

The purpose of the Section is to be a source for the provision of professional education and training; technical resources and information; networking opportunities; and, industry advocacy; and to develop and support the professionals, public agencies, and organizations that plan, build, operate, and maintain, California’s park, recreational, natural, cultural and historical resources, which together contribute to providing a better and more sustainable long-term quality of life within the State.

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Educators Section:

The Educators Section advances and advocates for students, educators, professionals and the field of parks and recreation through education, research and service.

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Recreation Section:

The purpose of the Section is to provide innovative education, resources and networking opportunities, while encompassing a diverse section of recreation. We foster empowerment of professionals at all levels of programming.

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Recreation Therapy Section:

The purpose of the Section is to advance and promote the profession of Recreation Therapy; to provide educational opportunities; to engage in research to advance the clinical and community services of the profession; to disseminate information affecting Recreation Therapy services in California; and to engage in state and federal advocacy efforts that support and enhance the Recreation Therapy profession. The section shall provide services focusing on professional practice, professional development, external affairs, advocacy, treatment, and networking.

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