Secretary Treasurer Candidate Nicole Acquisti

Nicole Acquisti
Nicole Acquisti
Recreation Manager
City of Burlingame
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Why have you chosen to run for the CPRS State Board of Directors?
Being the Secretary-Treasurer over this past term has been a remarkable experience.  The State Board of Directors have accomplished great things including updating by-laws, on boarding a new auditor, implementing District and Section Resource Manuals, including creating one for the State Board.  However, the one thing above all else that has inspired me to run again has been connecting with the District and Section Secretaries and Treasurers over the past year and a half.  There have been so many valuable discussions, and our work is not yet complete!  I hope to take the next term to the next level.  It is my goal to continue to help make the roles of District and Section Secretaries and Treasures more efficient, and create the connections so each professional can rely on one another as resources. 

What personal attributes, skills, or knowledge would you bring to the State Board of Directors if elected?
Over the past year and a half as the CPRS State Board of Directors Secretary-Treasurer, the world has changed, and CPRS along with it.  I have worked alongside CPRS leadership addressing fiscal concerns and adjusting current policies and procedures to coincide with the changing times.  If reelected, I will continue to monitor CPRS’s financial status and assist in the implementation of polices that will strengthen CPRS and its members. I am passionate about our profession and will continue to be an advocate for the CPRS membership.  

What is the greatest challenge our profession faces and how will you lead to address that challenge?
The repercussions from the COVID-19 guidelines are not going away any time soon.  Municipalities are going to have to work alongside social distancing and sanitization requirements.  Along with this new reality, finances are going to be impacted, and how professionals communicate to each other are going to be altered (invest in Zoom!).   As the Secretary-Treasurer of the CPRS State Board, I have already began to connect those involved in the District and Sections finances and communications.  It is more important than ever that we use each other as resources to navigate through these trying times.  If reelected, I will continue to foster those relationships as we strive to provide the essential service of Parks and Recreation to the California communities.