VP Candidate Adrian Reynosa

Adrian Reynosa
Adrian Reynosa
Community Center Manager
City of Carson
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Why have you chosen to run for the CPRS State Board of Directors?
My #1 reason for choosing to run for the CPRS State Board of Directors for the Vice-President position is to give back to the profession that has given so much to me. Serving in District 10 the last four years has given me a renewed sense of purpose, there are some amazing young professionals who have the same passion and drive as I do to make a significant impact on the members we serve. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve among leaders in the profession who are committed to the same common goal. It would be an honor and privilege to serve in the role of Vice-President.


What personal attributes, skills, or knowledge would you bring to the State Board of Directors if elected?
I believe I can benefit serving the membership if elected as Vice-President through my previous experience serving on the State Board of Directors. I have a solid understanding of how the Board works as a group in conjunction with CPRS staff and I believe I would easily assimilate back into the work of the Board which benefits the membership. In addition, my leadership skills and passion for the profession would help me articulate the importance of parks & recreation to the membership as well as elected officials.

What is the greatest challenge our profession faces and how will you lead to address that challenge?
I believe the greatest challenge our profession faces is the current societal change we are currently experiencing. Diversity, equity and inclusion have come to the forefront of the profession and how agencies across the state embrace this is imperative to how we serve the public and the future of our profession. I would ensure that our members have the tools to engage the public in the decision making process as it relates to services and programs. Awareness of the community we serve is of extreme importance and ensuring equity amongst all groups is key to the enhancement of their well-being.