VP Candidate Helen Hernandez

Helen Hernandez
Helen Hernandez
Program Supervisor
City of Baldwin Park
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Why have you chosen to run for the CPRS State Board of Directors?
I have chosen to run for the position of Vice President because I know I can help continue the momentum of connections.  While it has not been easy to offer any of our traditional CPRS meetings and events, I am proud of our leaders who have found successful ways to navigate and pivot to offer a small piece of normal. 
Our membership is made up of members who are eager to grow and learn, and having a CPRS State Board that can continue to support and find ways to connect leaders to each other and members with common goals/needs is a supportive tool that ensure our future successes.  

What personal attributes, skills, or knowledge would you bring to the State Board of Directors if elected?
I personally bring over 19 years of CPRS active participation.  I have been able to be an active board member and have worked with the current leadership across the state of California to provide key resources for our members. From the onset of COVID-19 and the challenging waters that faced our agencies, I worked with the Recreation Section Leadership to support our members with weekly Rec Connection Chats, by offering an avenue to exchange ideas, resources and support those chats paved the way for additional districts and sections to utilize a similar method to become BETTER TOGETHER. I know that my infectious spirit and passion for this profession have helped encourage others to join our leadership team in various roles across the state. The experience I have gained as a state board member having served at a Council of Sections Representative and now currently serving as the State Board Region 4 Rep, have provided me with a better knowledge of the workings of our diverse leadership pool in so many disciplines of our profession.  All of our Districts and Sections are the key to providing valuable resources and more importantly the incredible educational opportunities for professional growth. I have been honored to have been a speaker at District, Section, and Agency events, as well as a trainer for part time staff professional development. 

What is the greatest challenge our profession faces and how will you lead to address that challenge?
I feel the biggest challenge our profession is facing is the impending plan for safely and responsibly re-opening agency facilities after COVID-19 allows for that to take place. If elected to serve our membership, it will be the responsibility of not only myself but the entire state board to lead and use CPRS as the great connector for recreation agencies.  It will be imperative that we offer members much needed guidance and support, Its often said duplication is a form of flattery, but most importantly now is an important time to share our resources with each other as we are always better together.  I would love to be a part of the team that helps to successfully rise to the challenge and continue to show why Parks really do Make Life Better.