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Why Not YOU??

You are Invited to Join the CPRS State Board of Directors!

CPRS seeks board members who internalize the mission, values, and promise of the profession and who have demonstrated a commitment to the profession of parks and recreation!

CPRS provides education, networking, and resources for our members, and is the public advocate for California park and recreation professionals.

Through our 11 member Board of Directors, 15 Districts, 7 Sections, and HQ staff, CPRS:

  • Ensures members are dedicated in strengthening community
  • Provides members with the skills, knowledge and networks they need
  • Invites members to make effective use of tools needed to position parks and recreation as a vital community service

The following positions are available for election in 2022:

Vice President (3 year term; 2022 - 2025)
Automatic advancement to President-elect and President

Region Representatives (2 year term; 2022 - 2024)
Candidate must live or work in one of the Districts within the Region

    • Region 1 (Districts 1, 2, 3)
    • Region 3 (Districts 7, 8, 15)
    • Region 5 (Districts 9, 10, 12)
Section Representative (2 year term; 2022 - 2024)
Candidate must be an active member of one of the six qualifying sections

Candidate Requirements:

  • Current voting member of CPRS
  • Employed at least 5 years in a full time capacity and currently work in a permanent position in the profession immediately prior to nomination
  • Vice President: minimum 3 years’ experience in an elected capacity at state, district, or section level, or chair a statewide committee/task force
  • Region Representative: minimum 2 years’ experience in an elected capacity at state, district, or section level, or chair a statewide committee/task force; must work or reside in the Region they seek to represent

Newly elected board members will take office the week of March 8, 2022 in Sacramento, CA.

Benefits of Serving on the CPRS State Board of Directors include:

  • Exposure to ideas, innovations, and strategies
  • Development of a strong personal network across disciplines and agency boundaries
  • Ongoing training that is transferable to your work environment and culture
  • Access to up to date information on issues affecting the profession
  • Have a voice in how CPRS addresses issues and challenges
  • Opportunity to develop and practice leadership outside of your work environment and culture

Expectations of Board Members:

  • Attend 4 in person board of directors meetings
    • Meetings are overnight, held at varying locations throughout the state
    • Overnight accommodations are provided if you live or work more than 50 miles from the meeting site; meal and travel expenses are paid by CPRS
  • Attend monthly conference call meetings
    • one hour calls held 4th Thursday of the month excluding in person meeting months
  • Represent CPRS at District, Section, and State meetings and events
  • Come prepared to Board meetings by reading the meeting materials and discussing issues with the appropriate bodies
  • Support CPRS’ governance model which engages the Board around CPRS’ future and strategic direction
  • Demonstrate commitment to CPRS, its mission, goals, and the profession’s promise
  • Place emphasis on an outward vision, encourage diversity of viewpoints and strategic leadership, participate in collective decision making, and facilitate open communication with the board, the members, and staff
  • Region and Section Representatives conduct conference calls and attend in person meetings of their respective Districts and Sections


Please submit your Board of Directors Interest Form by Tuesday, November 9, 2021

For more information contact:

Doug Grove, CPRS Vice President
(951) 781-1930 ext 121