Positioning Your Agency for Success


Parks and Recreation is a Vital Community Service

Our parks and recreation profession helps to build stronger and healthier communities.  Our tools and resources help you - the park and recreation professional - communicate with clarity to the public and political leaders about the value of the work you do each and every day!

Parks Make Life Better! Branding Campaign
This branding program was created from quantitative and qualitative research of the general public and park & recreation stakeholders to determine the key messages that best resonate with the public and policy makers. Read more >>

California Action Plan (CAP)
The CAP project is an extension of the VIP Action Plan and the Parks Make Life Better! branding campaign. It contains resources that you can download and adapt to fit your agency's needs.  Read more >>

CPRS Awards Program
Judging criteria for the awards program is based on principles from the CAP and the Parks Make Life Better! branding campaign. Agency programs and facilities that best exemplify how they make life better for a community have a better chance of winning an Award of Excellence in the CPRS Awards Program. Read more >>

VIP Action Plan: Creating Community in the 21st Century
The VIP Action Plan is a strategic plan for park and recreation agencies to use to position themselves as a vital community service. Read more >>

2010 Foundational Documents

Branding ToolKit

An informative document explaining the branding process, research, key messages and description of the tools. Download here >

Community-Focused PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation with photos, key messages and logo. Can be customized with your agency's information. In English click here, In Spanish click here.

July is Parks Make Life Better!® Month Resolution

Sample resolution to use for your city council, board or commission to adopt July as Parks Make Life Better!® month. Download here >

July is Parks Make Life Better!® Month Social Media Blitz

Sample social media memes for agencies to use to promote the key messages of the Parks Make Life Better!® branding campaign. Read more >