Here are the handouts and supplemental materials that were provided to us by the speakers.  They are listed in alphabetical order by session title.  

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All Play – Gender Spectrum Inclusion in Recreation

A Systems Approach to Assessing Parks

Bridging the Divide - Aquatics Intensive

Collaborate to Create an Innovative Senior Center Schedule

Comprehensive Concussion Protocols and AB-2007

Create an Awesome Organizational Culture

Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating an Equitable Parks System

Cultivating Your WHY

Deliberate Practice in Aquatics

Epictetus Club: Lessons from Behind the Prison Walls

Essential Services: Inclusive Practices & the ADA for Aging Adults

Event Emergency Strategies for a Changing Society

Everything You Want to Know About Service Animals

From Dirty Dirt to Parks and People: Land Recycling in California

Funding 101: Revenue Enhancement for Park and Recreation Agencies

How to Create Awesome Adaptive Needs Programs - Focus on Swim Lessons

How Residents Can Discover Parks Through Mobile Devices

It’s Time: How to Lead AS a Millennial

Leverage Your Talents to Find Your Calling

Magnetic Leadership - Take Charge, Create Your Future

On Stage... Now What?

Parent Orientation as Part of the Seasonal Staff Hiring Process

Program Enrichment for Tomorrow’s Seniors

Recreational Therapy for People with Severe Mental Illness at Oregon State Hospital

Reframing Aging - Aging Intensive

Show and Tell: How to Measure & Demonstrate Program Results

Specialization is for Insects, not Athletes

Sold-Out with a Waitlist: Pickleball Programs That Work!

Step Up Your Game - Coaching and Mentoring Staff

The ABCs of Improving Your Facilitation Skills

The Business of Inclusion: Putting Theory Into Practice

Using the DiSC Assessment to be a More Effective Leader

Why Public Art Should Be in Your Community