Professional Award of Excellence
Citation of Merit

The Citation of Merit honors and recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to CPRS through service on the State, Section or District Boards, committees, or through service to CPRS at events, programs or conferences for 6 years or more. This statewide award is designed to recognize the contributions of those who work on behalf of CPRS to advance the profession and who strengthen and support CPRS as a professional organization.   

This category has an entry fee of $70.  Nominee must be a current CPRS member.

The nominator will be responsible for payment and arrangements for nominee's attendance at the CPRS Awards Banquet, should they be chosen to receive this award.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominee should have a record of outstanding service to CPRS or to a CPRS District, Section, or committee in one or more of these areas:
  • Development of new initiatives for CPRS that result in new programs and service to members
  • Response to a significant challenge faced by CPRS and contribution of innovative or proactive response to the challenge at the State, Section, or District level
  • Presentation of session(s) at the CPRS State, Section, or District level
  • Research projects or author / contributor of articles for CPRS or other professional publications that advance the park and recreation profession
  • Consistent support of CPRS through fundraising, sponsorships, talent, action, pro bono work, consultation, training, and/or leadership
  • In addition to service to CPRS, advancing the profession through outstanding record of service and contributions to other professional park and recreation organizations, i.e., National Recreation & Park Association, Women in Leisure Services, etc.

Your narrative should highlight the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee through service to CPRS of six (6) years or more.

Use these Award Winning Strategies to ensure your nomination is award worthy!

Required Additional Submittals

  1. 2 - 3 HIGH RESOLUTION photos labeled with nominee name and nominator name.