Heather Carter

Heather Carter
City of El Cajon Parks & Recreation Department
Rising Professional

Heather always strives to be outstanding. Through her work at City of El Cajon Parks and Recreation, she has proven she takes every new role assigned to her and makes it the best it can be.
In addition to Heather’s role at El Cajon, she has also served terms on the CPRS District 12 board as former VP of Programs and current President-elect. Her organization and commitment to the field of Parks and Recreation has served the CPRS D12 board well. She continues to display resilience and capability, qualities that were put in a spotlight during Covid-19.
Heather has proven over the years to be a strong supervisor who contributes greatly to Parks & Recreation. A strong leader in the field, Heather possesses many crucial Parks and Recreation skills and has the respect of her colleagues and staff. Her can-do attitude certainly benefits the Department and the community.