Gale Webb Action Sports Park

Gale Webb Action Sports Park
City of Menifee
Creating Community Award of Excellence

The City of Menifee is a growing community in southwestern Riverside County with approximately a third of the over 100,000 residents being under the age of 18.  The Community Services Department (CSD) works towards creating new and unique opportunities for Menifee residents of all ages to engage in activities and programs aimed at promoting social, emotional, and physical health and wellness.  From citywide special events and recreation programs, to creating parks that encourage inclusion and social interactions, CSD has become a vital part of this thriving community as evidenced by resident participation and support.
City staff recognized the opportunity to utilize a City owned parcel near the local high school to design a recreational facility that would create a safe space for residents of all ages to gather.  The parcel was located in a growing segment of the City that was once rural, now turned suburban among recent housing developments.  With the objective of maintaining the once rural identity of the area and preserving existing natural resources, staff explored the possibility of developing skate/bicycle park capitalizing on the existing land structures and native foliage already present on site.  Through research and teamwork, CSD presented to City Council the conceptual design of a six acre park containing a 22,000 square foot pump track, bike trails with multiple jump lines, and a bicycle playground allowing for riders of any experience level to enjoy the park.  With overwhelming support, CSD proceeded to work with American Ramp Company to make this vision a reality. 
During construction, CSD was approached by a local resident who believed the park should be named the Gale Webb, Kids-R-#1, Action Sports Park after long time Menifee resident and extreme sport legend, Gale Webb.  Often referred to as the “Skateboarding Mom”, Gale created the “Gale Webb Extreme Sports Show” with the slogan Kids-R-#1 to not only showcase the talents of up and coming BMX riders and skateboarders, but to also provide inspirational messages such as say no to drugs, stay in school, and get high on life.  With over 40 years of performing, she has motivated thousands of youth across the state and nation.
With a distinct identity and support of both the local residents and the regional extreme sport community, CSD completed the largest park of its kind in Southern California on October 31st and celebrated the grand opening the following weekend with over 3,000 residents in attendance.