Pico Park Roldan Mini-Pitch

Pico Park Roldan Mini-Pitch
City of Pico Rivera
Creating Community Award of Excellence

The City of Pico Rivera is facing significant obstacles in providing recreational programs and spaces for its residents. The major challenges include 1) an increasing number of community members calling for more soccer-based programs and areas 2) a county parks need assessment deeming Pico Rivera as “park poor,” and 3) a major impending federal infrastructure project will eliminate 166 acres of park space in the City with a severe loss in 2023. These challenges have made it difficult to provide new recreational spaces, particularly soccer areas.  
Fortunately, the City had a unique opportunity through a significant community collaboration to support CPRS’s Parks Make Life Better! goals. A joint effort among residents and MLS professionals, the Roldan Family, support from City leaders, and support of major organizations to install a Mini-Pitch court in the City fosters social cohesiveness, strengthens community identity, facilitates community problem resolution, and supports a vibrant community.   
Fosters social cohesiveness Pico Rivera has been a football and baseball-dominated community. While there are several opportunities for football and baseball, there are fewer opportunities for soccer. The Mini-Pitch court is the first step in providing new, improved, and a variety of amenities to all. Additionally, Pico Park is located on the north side of Pico Rivera, where the immediate community is losing 166 acres of land due to a federal project. The Mini-Pitch is a proactive step in finding alternatives to the inevitable issue. 
Strengthens community identity The Mini-Pitch projects reflect the tight-knitted community of Pico Rivera. The project, initiated by residents and MLS soccer athletes, gained traction from the City Council and full support from City staff. The Mini-Pitch is named after the Roldan family, as they represent Pico Rivera’s immigrant success history while valuing hometown pride. With their name on the court, visiting families can appreciate their efforts to give back to their neighbors.   
Facilitates community problem resolutions The specific area of Pico Park had fallen in disarray. The deteriorating former basketball court was no longer an area for people to come together. It was in desperate need of improvements. The Mini-Pitch has transformed the once blighted isolated corner into a state-of-the-art sports complex will additional safety lights, visual enhancements, and new amenities.