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trendSCAN 2018

trendSCAN_Logo.jpgThere are many demographic factors that park and recreation professionals must be aware of when developing recreation programming or park and facility design. The demographic trends to watch include economic, social, cultural, political, environmental and geographic. Park and recreation agencies must respond proactively to emerging trends in order to remain an important role in creating community through people, parks and programs.

Trendscan is created by Leisure Lifestyle Consulting of Glastonbury, CT. Comments and questions can be directed to Dr. Ellen O'Sullivan at . Please feel free to share with her other ideas you have for tracking prevailing winds as well as interesting trend information.

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December 2018 trendSCAN

There are 9 trends for 2019 that seem to have potential impact for parks and recreation. 

November 2018 trendSCAN

Community through memberships and housing continues to pop up.  The economy is good but is it for everybody?  Pretty soon we may end of 99.9% mobile. A company that shifted from Corporate Events to Corporate Wellness.  Spirit may have some possibilities for our profession as well.

October 2018 trendSCAN

Are you familiar with YIMBY or the HENRYs?  They are emerging will likely have a societal impact.  Check out the 9 Macro Trends for retail's future and recall that like retail parks and recreation has consumers as well.

September 2018 trendSCAN

There is both good new and not so good news from the latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey.  It is also time to check out Beloit's  annual Mindset List for entering college freshmen to determine how generations differ from one another.  This month's Evolving/Emerging Models focuses upon Parsley Health which could have wide spread implications for leisure and wellness.

August 2018 trendSCAN

Can too many choices in leisure activities or pursuits leave people puzzled as to what to do and possibly end of doing nothing? Sure-time pursuits lead people to staying at home and not participating?  Is now a good to schedule staff visits to nearby facilities and offerings to conduct market research? If a gaming company can generate $1 billion in revenue in less than a year by offering free play, are there any opportunities for parks and recreation to generate revenue from "free" offerings?

July 2018 trendSCAN

Check out the recently released data and scores on childrens' well-being as well as TPL's Annual urban park scores.  Bathrooms and splash pads were added to TPL's ParkScore and California ranked 36th out of 51 in childhood well-being according to the annual Kids Count composite scores.

June 2018 trendSCAN

Who are the most fit cities this year and how were the assessments made?  Does parks and recreation have a potential role to play in malls?  Remember staycations are trending upward and parks and recreation can help

May 2018 trendSCAN

Did you know the impact of loneliness on a person is equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day?  Just hjow much is the economic impact of parks and recreation?  How stressed are Californians as a state?

April 2018 trendSCAN

Should we take another look at how youth sports work in  this country?  What is the state of teen suicide in your community? How might Utah's recently passed 'Free Parenting Law' affect childhood in America?

March 2018 trendSCAN

There's a potential new megatrend out there.  If it comes to fruition it will change many, many things.  Check out a new section called "Emerging/Evolving Models".  Find out what the new 3Cs are of consumer preferences as well as how today's young adults differ from their grandparents generation? 

February 2018 trendSCAN

How well versed are we in the statistics related to life expectancy and child mortality?  Be sure to check it, but you might not like the news.  There are also a couple of new trends in target markets - elder orphans and new Moms

January 2018 trendSCAN

What do other futurists have to say about the trends for 2018?  Trend Hunter has a long list including Anti-Social Parties and Amalgamated Play.  Ford Motor Company shares with us 10 very solid and specific trends while FORTUNE talks about cord-cutters and E-Sports.  All these trends and more close with a sampling of insights from JWT's List of 100 trends.