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trendSCAN 2019

trendSCAN_Logo.jpgThere are many demographic factors that park and recreation professionals must be aware of when developing recreation programming or park and facility design. The demographic trends to watch include economic, social, cultural, political, environmental and geographic. Park and recreation agencies must respond proactively to emerging trends in order to remain an important role in creating community through people, parks and programs.

Trendscan is created by Leisure Lifestyle Consulting of Glastonbury, CT. Comments and questions can be directed to Dr. Ellen O'Sullivan at . Please feel free to share with her other ideas you have for tracking prevailing winds as well as interesting trend information.

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December 2019 trendSCAN

Have kids fallen out of favor? Is all recreation therapeutic? Do we need a generational reset?

November 2019 trendSCAN

What exactly is Generational Wildfire and why are Millennials not doing well on Health?

October 2019 trendSCAN

Can and should communities legislate nature and the environment? What's ahead for some recreation centers? Why are board games making a comeback and have you heard about urban thinkscapes yet?

September 2019 trendSCAN

Don't miss one of the most credible and valuable health and community resources yet funded by Robert Wood Johnson along with new insight on youth sports in America and wealth workers.  Are you a wealth worker (notice the term isn't "wealthy worker)

August 2019 trendSCAN

Is fall really a could season to change and modify on the basis of trends?  What does the recent World Cup of Fortnite have to tell us or the health craze of extreme adventure or of course, the Peleton effect on fitness?

July 2019 trendSCAN

Don't miss the forecast that aging will specifically play in California.  Be sure to check out the 2019 Internet forecast and take in the emerging trend of "sobriety".

June 2019 trendSCAN

Check out the insight from the TPL's ParkScore Index.  See Gen Z's shopping preferences and how to reach and influence them.  Discover what international organization is designating 'gaming' as a mental health condition.

May 2019 trendSCAN

May trendSCAN provides insight into the next generation of retirees, how social media impacts retirement, and why a success such as 7-11 convenience stores is looking to 'disrupt itself'.

April 2019 trendSCAN

Check out the TIPS section in the Takeaways section of this month's trendSCAN as it features a number of trend-based actions and activities for summer.

March 2019 trendSCAN

Is it time for parks and recreation to take a lesson from the innovative LA Dodgers?  Don't miss the treasure trove of data and statistics available for free through the Hamilton Project.  And just what will we do with the growing number of people in this country who are not working.  All this and more...

February 2019 trendSCAN

The February version of trendSCAN continues with additional predictions by trend forecasters to augment the January version.  Best of all, parks and recreation is well positioning for the future.  Check out the seven refocus areas.

January 2019 trendSCAN

Get ready for 2019 and beyond the way the business world does with insight and suggestions from Ford, Ericsson, and JWT Innovation Group.  Find answers to what is means to be an "autonmist" or a "hyphenate creative" and if we devise public spaces to be interactive or move to a new way of cultural programming.