Aging Services Intensive

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Aging Services Intensive

March 8, 2022

By February 3, 2022
CPRS Members $30
Non-members $45

After February 3, 2022
CPRS Members $40

Non-members $55

This Aging Services Institute will cover the challenges our membership has faced this year and continues to face as we program, not just for the generation coming into our centers. But for our vulnerable adult population, as well. We will also provide time to network with one another and build your list of connections to call throughout the year as opportunities arise.

  • Cost Recovery: Sharing our story of Health and Human Services, why we do what we do and the value to the community it provides. This area will cover nutrition, transportation, and recreation programs. What areas we should subsidize, and areas we can create a revenue stream.
  • Programming Forecasts: Serving adults ranging from 50 to 100+ years, what are we doing to make sure needs are met and opportunities are provided for socialization to ensure our community can age in place.
  • Roundtable: Volunteers, Senior Groups/Non-profits, Strategic Plans, and events. 

Schedule subject to change.

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