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Thursday Educational Sessions


Thursday Education Sessions

9:00am-10:30am    General Session
10:45am-11:45am  Education Sessions
2:45pm-4:00pm      Education Sessions
4:15pm-5:15pm      Education Sessions
10:45am - 11:45am

Age-Friendly Communities: Not Just a Designation
Leah Martinez MPA, CPRP - Program Supervisor, Town of Danville
What makes a city or program truly “age-friendly”? How do we program strategically to stay relevant as participants age into our programs? Participate in a lively and open discussion around assessing your agency’s age-friendliness and long-term strategic planning, including who to include in the conversation, how to get community input and where to start!

Connecting through $change$
Farrell Buller - Cost Recovery, Change Management, Executive Coach - Principal Consultant, 110%
Katy Coss CPRP - Recreation Superintendent, Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District
Chelsey Adams - Recreation Supervisor, Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District
When an agency chooses to implement a philosophical change, it gets noticed. Change can be applauded, scrutinized, and encompass every tone in between. To embark on the journey of change is a calculated adventure that requires navigating and managing a variety of different landscapes. Change is about guiding people through the transition.

The Mission of Your Work and the Power of Your Story
Lori A. Hoffner - Professional Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.
If you’re a non-profit, a government agency or any organization that depends on the support of the community for your success you understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a positive relationship of trust. Gaining that trust comes not only from the work that you do but also from the story you tell about the mission and goal of your organization. The stories about the mission of your work ignites the passion of stakeholders and champions of your organization and those champions can encourage and support funding.

The People in Your “Neighborhood “and How They Shape Your Career
Henry Perezalonso CPRE - Recreation, Arts & Community Services Director, Town of Danville
A career is not just a collection of skills and experience gained through programs, events, or projects. Everyone is also shaped by the people they meet in the “neighborhood” of their career. Come explore how to recognize those people – past, present, and future – who have impacted your career, and how their influence can guide you when leading others in the future.

The Worst Presentation, EVER!
Frank J. Carson MS - Parks & Recreation Director, City of El Cajon
This entertaining session covers the most common mistakes to avoid when making public presentations.

Turning Failure On Its Head: How to Stop What's Stopping You From Moving Forward
Bobbi Nance CPRP - President, Recreation Results LLC
We all know deep down that failure is inevitable when we try something new, and that it can even help us produce better outcomes in the end, but despite this, we all work hard to avoid it (or even worse, ignore it), instead of embracing it. Learn how to get psychology on your side when it comes to motivating yourself past uncertainty and a fear of failure and helping those around you navigate it as well. Through hands-on games and exercises, learn how to turn failure on its head and in order to move past avoidance and instead, turn it into an advantage.


2:45pm - 4:00pm

From basketballs to cots: LA City's successes and lessons learned on sheltering the unhoused during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sonya L. Young Jimenez MPA, Emergency Management Specialist - Acting Superintendent of Venice Beach and West LA, City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
Brenda D. Aguirre MPA, MS, Emergency Management Specialist - Superintendent of Recreation and Parks Emergency Operations and Citywide Aquatics, City of Los Angeles
Learn how 26 recreation facilities converted into emergency shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic. Transitioning lifeguards, facility directors, recreation coordinators, maintenance staff and more into shelter workers. Learning how to navigate with service providers, The Department of Public Health, and a variety of other city departments to be sure everyone is safe and cared for. Hear first hand from the front line workers on how this experience changed their lives forever. Take away some lessons learned from the good, bad and ugly side of social work. The department of recreation and parks stepped up to save lives in our city of angels during one of the most trying times in history, come and see how it happened.

Golden Shovels, Red Ribbons and Debt
Jamie Sabbach - President/CEO, 110% Inc.
Maintenance backlogs are of concern all across the country as a result of significant building and development when times were good with less attention given to how to pay for the ongoing maintenance required to care for assets over their lifespans.

Emerging park and recreation organizations know the maintenance requirements necessary to take care of their current assets. They know that trading short-term growth and the “bright, shiny new object” for long-term liabilities slowly and silently can bankrupt their communities. And who wants that?

Keeping Score: Gender Equity in Sports and AB2404
Kim Turner J.D. - Director, Gender Equity Initiative, Coaching Corps
Eva S. Phalen - Recreation Supervisor, Piedmont Recreation Department
At this point in time, we all agree that girls should have equal access to sports. But when you look at the numbers in your city/agency, the opposite is often true. Girls are not being treated equally - boys are getting the better facilities and equipment, have more parent support and in general, more money is being allocated to male sports.

Looking at Your Customers in a New Light
Bobbi Nance CPRP - President, Recreation Results LLC
When it comes to our customers, whether we're referring to them, marketing to them, or reporting on them, we continually use the same basic categories like age, gender, zip code to describe them. But we can have a much bigger impact if we dig deeper into our data and find new insights based on their past behavior, purchases, and preferences. We'll walk through different techniques you can use, from simple observations to detailed data dives, to better understand your customers and look at real life examples that will inspire you to see them in a new light (and hopefully steal a few ideas to implement at your own organization). With the potential to positively impact everything from equity to income, don't miss this chance to create a whole new definition of target markets and better engage and serve your community.

Crafting Your Parks and Recreation Marketing Strategy
Mary Elise Conzelmann M.S. - Senior Communications Specialist, JPW Communications
Planning is at the core of every successful program, event and initiative. Although we wish we had time to craft a comprehensive marketing and media campaign for every program or event, who has time for that? Don’t worry, because JPW has created an efficient and quick cheat sheet to lay out a promotional strategy that will provide you with a roadmap for effective communications and adequate publicity in a fraction of the time. Join JPW Communications as we facilitate an interactive working session to create a mock strategic marketing and communications plan to take your programs and events to the next level.

Sports Park 101: Designing the Right Game Plan for Financial Success!
Arash Izadi PLA, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C - Principal, Director of Sport + Recreation, LPA, Inc.
John Courtney PLA, ASLA, QSP, QSD, LEED AP - Senior Project Manager, LPA, Inc.
Darin Barr - Principal, Ballard*King
Sports Parks can play multiple roles in the community including supporting local community need and providing regional economic impact. They can also serve as a catalyst to support broader initiatives. But its important to develop the right facility to fit the community’s needs and future interests, and its essential to plan and design a facility that offers the flexibility and amenities to adapt as trends change. This panel will focus on specific strategies to evaluate, plan, design and execute an effective sports park. A panel of architects and recreation leaders will focus on what works, what doesn’t and the process to develop an appropriately-sized facility that meets the short and long term needs of the community.


4:15pm - 5:15pm

Best of Frenemies: Navigating the Commissioner and Staff Relationship
Henry Perezalonso CPRE - Recreation, Arts & Community Services Director, Town of Danville
Randall Diamond - Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission, Town of Danville
Kevin Donovan - Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission, Town of Danville
Jane Joyce - Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission, Town of Danville
Are they friends? Are they enemies? The relationship between Commissioners and Staff can be a sticky wicket. When goals are aligned it can be smooth sailing but when not, it can be a hot mess. In this session, you will have the opportunity to hear from seasoned Commissioners and their Staff Liaisons from the Town of Danville with some tips and tricks they have learned to help balance the relationship of "policymaker" and "programmer" to achieve the agency goals.

Maximizing Your Supervisory Skills: Top Tips to Take You from Coordinator to Supervisor in 3 Years or Less!
Lizy Silva - Recreation Supervisor, Cosumnes Community Services District
Kate Miller - Recreation Supervisor, El Dorado Hills CSD
Moving from Coordinator to Supervisor can feel daunting and overwhelming. In this session, you'll learn how to SEEK, SHADOW, SERVE and SHARE your way to the next level of your career. You'll walk away with applicable tips and actionable items that you can implement immediately to help prepare you (or someone you supervise!) to accomplish a promotion from Coordinator to Supervisor.

Starting from Scratch - Building Equitable Programs by Understanding Your City
Maureen Grzan-Pieracci CPRP - Recreation Supervisor, City of Mountain View
How well do you know the city you work for? Through self-reflection and some drawing, participants will create maps of their city identifying the distribution of community resources, parks, transportation, and neighborhoods. As a group, we'll discuss resource rich areas, equity and opportunities for program elements or increased resources. At the end of this session, participants will have a better understanding of the structure of their city as well as inspiration for future program planning.

The High Cost of Poor Succession Planning
Frank J. Carson MS - Parks & Recreation Director, City of El Cajon
Many agencies fail to pay adequate attention to their top-level leadership pipelines and succession processes. This session identifies those failures and strategies how agencies can really create effective succession planning strategies.

Top Of The Iceberg
Farrell Buller - Cost Recovery, Change Management, Executive Coach - Principal Consultant, 110%
Professionals have endured significant new realities the past 24 months. That they have needed to continually steer a ship in new directions while maintaining a sense of professional success on top of the iceberg.
Our thoughts, behaviors and beliefs are heavily influenced by our experiences. Based on realities and experiences, you must continually be able to decipher your current reality to continue to stay above water and be successful. This session will allow you to take a look at how are you making decisions in the present, identify your individual leadership strategy, and understand how to remain on top of the iceberg of success.

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