Park, Rec & Roll It!

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Walk-Run Winner

Dr. C. Gee Silberman

Move! My goodness. Where did my journey begin? In high school, I was an athlete (Voted most athletic girl in the senior class, 1965). Played basketball in college. Majored in Parks and Recreation. Worked in parks and recreation for 20 years. As I climbed the ranks, I did more sitting than moving. After serving as President of CPRS in 1983, left California to earn my doctorate. More sitting. Became a bit overweight and recognized I needed to do something about that. Joined Weights Watchers in 2013 and discovered I needed to move if I wanted to lose weight. That was tough! Walking a half mile was a challenge.

Today, I typically walk 12 to 14 miles per day. I’m retired, so I choose to spend a portion of every day (my leisure time), walking, indoors or outdoors. Lost the excess weight. Created challenges for myself like walking competitively a half marathon, walking 2,020 miles in 2020, 2,021 miles in 2021, etc., and expect to walk 2,024 miles this year by the end of May. Then, keep walking until I more than double the miles by Dec. 31. Several years ago, I read a book entitled Keep Moving by Dick VanDyke. That book was impactful on my journey. The book reminded me to use it or lose it. Here’s a life lesson for us all. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. This concept very much applies to our state of mind and how we move through life.

How do we change? Recognize that we form our behavior starting with our thoughts. Thoughts lead to feelings…Feelings form our attitudes…Attitudes create our beliefs…Beliefs guide our behavior…Behavior drives our life…Want to change your life, change your thoughts. Develop habits that allow you to better tune into your highest most powerful self. Our thoughts, actions, reactions, choices, etc. affect our trajectory in life. We’re in a constant state of learning, adapting and growing. Keep moving. It doesn’t matter whether you walk, run, wheel, row, cycle, swim, paddle, yoga, dance, surf, hike, stair step, kickbox, Tai chi…Carpe diem!

Swimming Winner

Jim Wheeler

As a strong supporter of CPRS and Past President Doug Grove, I felt it was important to participate in the “Park, Rec and Roll It” event over the past year. These types of activities strengthen our network and make us stronger as a professional society. The previous District Dash got me back to swimming at a time when the world felt upside down. The “Park, Rec and Roll It” event allowed me to continue to exercise with a purpose. Logging in the results each day and watching the other participants was fun and gratifying. I swam about 1 to 2 miles each day and being on an adult swim team made it easy to go swim 3 to 4 times/week. My swim time is 5:30am and it is a great way to start the day. I made a point to only enter my swimming miles to keep it pure for me. Nato Ergo Sum (I swim therefore I am).

Cycling Winner

Cheryl Denton

Those closest to me often use the term competitive to characterize my personality. Engaging in sports like softball and participating in pick-up games in the park over the years has ingrained in me a love for teamwork and the pursuit of victory. So, when the Park, Rec & Roll It Challenge was announced, it was only natural for me to seize the opportunity. Taking the challenge seriously from the get-go, I wasted no time in acquiring an under-the-desk bike for both my office and home. Setting a personal goal of at least 25 miles a day, I found myself frequently exceeding this mark as my determination soared. Quickly taking the statewide lead in the challenge, I maintained my position at the forefront with unwavering focus — did I mention how competitive I am? Beyond personal achievement, I found immense satisfaction in motivating my teammates to contribute their miles, ensuring our team remained in the top spot as well. The camaraderie and shared goal of success further fueled my passion for the challenge. Yet, the rewards extended far beyond the bragging rights and thousands of miles biked. Participating in the challenge yielded tangible improvements in my overall health and wellness, which was an unanticipated but welcome bonus. The Park, Rec & Roll It Challenge not only showcased my competitive nature but also provided a platform for personal growth and well-being. Through dedication and teamwork, I not only conquered the challenge but emerged stronger, both physically and mentally.

Top Team

Southgate Recreation & Park District | 26,762.68 combined miles

In 2023, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the Connections Conference in San Diego, Doug Grove introduced members to the Park, Rec and Roll It Challenge, aiming for 100,000 miles before Palm Springs. Little did I know the statewide and organizational impact it would bring to Sacramento. At Southgate Recreation & Park District, a handful of us initially joined to support Doug’s vision. But when the option to form teams surfaced, the game changed. For park and recreation professionals, competition can be second nature, and rallying into teams resonated deeply. We pitched the idea tirelessly, from management meetings to staff events, even providing personal assistance for app setup. Our efforts bore fruit when Recreation Supervisor Cheryl Denton consistently topped statewide rankings. The sense of pride, camaraderie, and competitive spirit propelled us forward, drawing more colleagues into the challenge. Departments across the board, from Parks to Administration, united in earning miles. Vincent King, our biking/ running enthusiast and Planning Manager, embraced the challenge, ranking 7th statewide. He noted how it ignited his competitive nature and passion for exploring new trails. 

Colin Pitz, one of our new Recreation Supervisors, shared his motivation for joining, “Being new to the District last year, it helped give me a sense of teamwork within my new work family.” The challenge spurred healthy habits and jumpstarted wellness journeys for many, becoming an unexpected avenue for team building and bonding. Now, the resounding question echoing through our District is, “When is the next challenge?” The enthusiasm is palpable, with many eager to sign up again. It’s clear that beyond the miles, this challenge has created a sense of unity and wellness within our organization. In the world of parks and recreation, where every step is a stride toward a healthier community, the Park, Rec and Roll It Challenge stands as a testament to the power of collective effort and friendly competition.