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Town of Danville


I’ve spent my last 25 years working in non-profit, public service, municipal recreation and currently I hold the position of Program Supervisor with the Town of Danville. I oversee the Danville Community Center, programming contract classes/camps, special events, Aquatics, programs for youth, teens, and families.

Professionally, I am active in the California Park and Recreation Society, where I currently hold the positions of District 3, Director of Programs and Region 1 Rep for the CPRS Rec Section. I enjoy planning events, trainings, and networking with other recreation professionals to help better serve the community in which I work. 

In life, I choose to be part of a variety of different teams. At home with my family, at work with my co-workers, and in the communities in which I contribute and play. I have always been driven towards coaching, learning and being creative.