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Use the whole response space to your advantage
Use reasonably small handwriting

You should plan your answer so that you can use the whole answer space if necessary. A smaller handwriting size will allow you to fit more into the answer space than a larger one. The handwriting should be reasonably legible, so it is not a good idea to use very small handwriting.

Handwriting must be reasonably legible

- LAW EXAM 2018
Reasonably small handwriting is sufficient. There is no need to switch to any 0.3 pencils for the entrance exam. A normal 0.5 pencil is small enough and clear enough.

Do not split the pieces
In the selection test essay, you do not need to divide the paragraphs at all. So do not waste space on paragraph divisions. The essay is written on a separate, pre-lined answer sheet. You can use an essay writing service.

You may only write one line of text on each line. The overlap will not be counted.

Do not continue your answer in the margins of the paper. It is a waste of time.

It is not a good idea to use paragraph divisions or indentations from your mother tongue classes, as they eat up answer space unnecessarily. You will also not get extra marks for making a paragraph division or indentation. To put it simply: paragraph breaks are useless!

Use abbreviations
It is a good idea to use abbreviations in your answer. Names, laws, courts and principles that appear frequently in the answer should be converted into abbreviations in the answer.

The first time you use an abbreviation, mention the full (official) name of the matter to be abbreviated. Afterwards, write "below" in brackets and the abbreviation you are using. After that, use only the abbreviation.

Tuomas Akvinolainen (hereafter TA) represented the scholastic school (hereafter SK). SK was a philosopher school of thought that was influential around 1100-1500. Scholasticism refers to a methodology that focuses on dialectical reasoning. TA was one of the most important representatives of SK.

Do not use the abbreviation directly in the first instance, even if it is a well-known abbreviation. If the abbreviation is known, the use of the abbreviation need not necessarily be explained by the words "below", "in the future" or "later".

The Supreme Court (KKO) has held that the Board of the Finnish Bar Association had the discretion to issue a warning to a lawyer on the grounds of excessive billing. The KKO has argumentative essay help previously held that the ethical guidelines binding lawyers are essentially based on practices and rules that have been accepted within the profession itself.

Delimitation of the case
The case is intended to proceed in a consistent manner. Limited time and space often force a response to be limited. There may be some not-so-relevant issues involved.

If it does not seem relevant, you can either omit it altogether or mention it briefly. Mentioning the wrong or contradictory points may result in a deduction of points. Mentioning irrelevant matters will often not result in a deduction, but will unnecessarily take up space in the answer. If you feel you have room in your answer, you should also mention irrelevant matters briefly. Sometimes they can be relevant.

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