Mr. Kevin Payton

County of San Diego Dept of Parks & Recreation

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County of San Diego Dept of Parks & Recreation


Professionally involved in developing innovative recreation programs and administration of facilities for a broad range of constituents for over 17 years. Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) and active member in numerous professional organizations in the parks, recreation and tourism industry. 
I am currently the President for District 12  and a board member with the San Diego County Office of Education's Outdoor Education Foundation. I have dedicated myself to continuously improve upon my professional knowledge by becoming a Certified Park and Recreation Professional. My goal is to work in a way that prioritizes the enhancement of community spaces, recreational activities, and promoting healthy and active lifestyles. Through effective program development, community engagement, and resource optimization, my goal is to play a key role in advancing the mission of the organization, ensuring that public spaces become thriving hubs for recreation and community while creating vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable environments for individuals and families.