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Winter 2021, Volume 77, No. 1

2021 CONNECTION Virtual Conference Highlights
The 2021 Conference has gone virtual and with that we have a new format, new sessions, new Expo Hall. Learn about what’s new here.

Creating an Inclusive Culture within Your Agency
One place to start your agency’s journey into justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, ist to begin with own organization’s culture and how inclusive it is for your staff.

Top Covid-19 Strategies for Recreation Centers
A number of agencies were interviewed nationwide about their response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This article reveals how some top-notch agencies carried forward on servicing their communities.

Research Review: What Every Practitioner Should Know about Youth Sports Specialization
The desire of parents and players to obtain a scholarship or pro contract has brought about the idea of starting their children at a particular sport at an early age and then to specialize only in that sport. What are the negative and positive aspects of this.

Research Review: Thru-Hiker and Land Manager Experiences on the Pacific Coast Trail
This study is the result of 18 months of interviews of hikers on the Pacific Coast Trail. The results reveal advice hikers have for other hikers, trail providers and how to protect this valuable resource.

Spring 2021, Volume 77, No. 2

2021 CONNECTIONs Virtual Conference recap

  • Conference By The Numbers
  • Virtual Marketplace
  • Top Park & Recreation Students Receive Scholarships
  • 2020-21 Board of Directors
  • CPRS Award Winners

Making Beauty from Broken Things
Piece by Piece is helping the people of Skid Row find confidence, purpose, motivation , increased wellness and quality of life. Learn how this organization is making a different, piece-by-piece.

Trends into Possibilities
A new quarterly feature for the CPRS magazine: Trends into Possibilities looks at important demographic, social and economic trends and explores how they impact parks and recreation.

Who Needs Lorne Michaels When You Have Mark Freeman?
An interview with Mark Freeman, the man behind the very popular Good Morning CPRS show that aired each morning of the 2021 CONNECTIONS Virtual CPRS Conference and Expo.


Summer 2021, Volume 77, No. 3

Mother Nature is Calling...
Are you going to pick up or send her to voicemail?
Connecting to nature has never been more important than it has been in the past 18 months. Explore how park and recreation agencies can capitalize on the increased rediscovery of your local parks and open spaces.

India Basin Shoreline Park:
A Bay Area Model for Equity Development Planning
In many cities across the nation large scale development projects have either displaced or alienated long-time residents. The new India Basin Shoreline Park project used an Equitable Development Plan to mitigate any issues with residents.

Parks and the Future: Now is the moment to transform outdoor equity across the nation
We’ve explored Park Inequity. Here the Trust for Public Land further explains why now may be the best time to do something about it. We also highlight some resources to begin the process.

Healthy Lifestyle a Natural Choice if You’re Outdoors
The pandemic has pushed exercise enthusiasts to continue their workout routines outside. And now that many gyms have started to reopen, some people are choosing to continue working outdoors instead of back in the gym.


Fall 2021, Volume 77, No. 4

Park Access More Than Just Proximity
The buzz lately has been about being sure that all community members have access to a park within a 10-minute walk. But just because a park is within a 10-minute walk does not actually mean that everyone has “access” to that park.

The Common Sense Case for More Urban Parks
New parks should be built with community needs and biodiversity in mind.

A Conversation with a Senator
A-Team Chair, Cindy Bagley, recently interviewed California District 2 Senator Mike McGuire. Read more about how he sees parks and recreation and the state legislature making future connections.

Creating Excellence
The CPRS Awards Program is the ideal way to recognize the excellent programs, facilities and people in your community and just how the recognition can pay dividends in the future.